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2nd Party Audits can form an important part of an organisation's ongoing compliance and help ensure that the supply chain is complying with your organisation and other compliance requirements.

AuditCo is a leading provider of audits to the certification and compliance industries, and directly to the broader business community.

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  • Auditors in all major cities and regions
  • Covering all major ISO and associated schemes
  • 2nd Party Audits for Quality Management ISO9001
  • 2nd Party Audits for OHS / WHS / Safety Management ISO45001
  • 2nd Party Audits for Environmental Management ISO14001
  • 2nd Party Audits for any ISO scheme including ISO27001, ISO55001, ISO22000
  • Our experienced team can also provide :
  • Supplier Quality Audits
  • Contractor Site Safety Audits
  • Contractor Risk Assessment Reviews
  • Supply Chain Audits

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Second Party Compliance Audits: An Overview

What is a Second Party Compliance Audit?

A second party compliance audit is conducted by an external organisation on behalf of another entity. Unlike first party audits (conducted internally) and third party audits (typically conducted by external certification bodies), second party audits involve a buyer reviewing the processes and systems of its supplier or a parent company evaluating its subsidiary.

Key Areas of Second Party Audits

1. ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems)

    – Audits related to ISO 9001 ensure that suppliers are adhering to internationally recognised quality management principles. A second party audit will assess whether the supplier’s processes are structured to consistently meet customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction.

2. ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management)

    – These audits evaluate a supplier’s occupational health and safety management systems. The aim is to ensure that they’re operating in a manner that prevents work-related injury and ill health while promoting a safe and healthy workplace.

3. ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems)

    – An audit under this standard focuses on a supplier’s environmental performance. The goal is to verify if the supplier is managing its environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner, leading to sustainability outcomes and ongoing compliance with regulations.

4. Supplier and Supply Chain Audits

    – This goes beyond standard certifications. Here, an organisation might evaluate its suppliers’ overall business practices, financial health, labor practices, and more, ensuring that the entire supply chain reflects the values and requirements of the organisation.

Typical Reasons to Implement Second Party Audits

1. Risk Management

    – By auditing suppliers and partners, an organisation can identify and mitigate potential risks in the supply chain before they escalate.

2. Reputation Management

    – Ensuring that suppliers uphold the same standards and values as the parent organisation can prevent potential public relations mishaps, and maintains the integrity of the brand.

3. Continuous Improvement

    – Audits provide feedback, which is essential for the continuous improvement of both the auditing organisation and its suppliers.

4. Enhanced Supplier Relationships

    – By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their suppliers, organisations can work collaboratively to bolster areas of weakness, creating stronger, more symbiotic relationships.

5. Legal & Regulatory Compliance

    – Especially relevant for industries that operate under tight regulations, these audits ensure that every link in the supply chain operates within the confines of the law, preventing potential legal repercussions.

6. Financial Benefits

    – Identifying inefficiencies or areas of waste in the supply chain can lead to cost savings. Furthermore, ensuring suppliers are financially stable and well-managed reduces the risk of disruptions.

By implementing second party compliance audits, organisations can ensure that their partners, suppliers, and subsidiaries align with their values, standards, and operational excellence. Whether driven by risk management, regulatory compliance, or the pursuit of quality, these audits can be a strategic tool in an ever-evolving business landscape.

As compliance audit experts, we would love to talk to you about your 2nd Party Audit needs. We can assist with advice, consulting or full audit program implementation. Contact Us Online or call us on 1300 706 491.

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